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  • Blossom, Lesley Riddoch

    What Scotland Needs to Flourish
    — by Lesley Riddoch
    Weeding out vital components of Scottish identity from decades of political and social tangle is no mean task, but it’s one journalist Lesley Riddoch has undertaken.
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  • Blood City, Douglas Skelton

    — by Douglas Skelton
    Glasgow's mean streets just got meaner. Can Davie McCall Survive? Blood City is a novel set in Glasgow’s underworld at a time when it was undergoing a seismic shift. A tale of violence, corruption and betrayal, loyalties will be tested and friendships torn apart.
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  • The Girl on the Ferryboat

    — by Angus Peter Campbell
    The latest novel from the award-winning author, and the first book to be simultaneously published in both the Gaelic and English languages.
    Combines myth, music and linguistics to recount the memory of a hazy summer’s day on the Isle of Mull.
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  • Runners, Ann Kelley

    — by Ann Kelley
    As mankind strives to rebuild society in the wake of climate change, over-population and global food shortages, every day is a struggle for people like Sid and his younger sister Lo. They are ‘runners’- people whose very survival the government has outlawed.
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  • Animal Lover, Raymond Friel

    — by Raymond Friel
    Danny is in trouble. A wannabe animal rights activist and modern day hero, none of this was supposed to happen. After his first attempt at animal liberation ends badly, things go rapidly downhill. A debut black comedy from Scottish screenwriter Raymond Friel.
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  • Follow We Will

    The Fall and Rise of Rangers
    Describes and analyses, from the perspective of those who care most, all the relevant issues and events from an unprecedented period in the history of Scottish football.
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